Bumpband An essential item in any pregnant womans wardrobe
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About Us

As a mother of twins I came up with the idea of Bumpband when I was pregnant and all of my clothes were too short to cover my large ever growing bump.

I was not impressed with the majority of maternity wear which I found to be, at times, unflattering, not to mention sometimes very expensive. I wanted to have freedom of choice, to be able to wear high street fashions and my own clothes without spending large amounts of money on garments I was only going to wear for a few months.

I came up with the idea that if I could elongate my tops with something which covered my growing stomach comfortably, gave me much needed support, looked fashionable and part of my outfit I would solve my problem without having to spend a fortune on a new maternity wardrobe.


Bumpband was born.


Since then I have been thinking that there must be thousands if not millions of pregnant women every year who go through the same problem as I had and ‘bumpband’ aims to serve all of these women.

Bumpband is the future in maternity wear. Its aim is to provide mums to be with a very supportive, stylish and fashionable alternative to maternity wear. It is a comfortable and versatile garment which is worn around your waist underneath your top. It enables you to wear your own clothes for longer and purchase fashions that previously would have been too short to cover your ever growing bump.

Bumpband gives you this choice. You can enhance any day or evening outfit by slipping on this fashionable, very supportive, comfortable, ingenious item of clothing.